WINSystemInfo iOS app v.2.0 is now available

We are glad to announce that the ham radio reference utility WinSystemInfo v2.0 for WinSystems and IRLP hams is now available here on the Apple App Store.



WINSystemInfo is a utility designed specifically for users of the HAM Radio Western Intertie Network and IRLP repeater users.

Map view
- Shows a map of your current location with WIN System Repeaters, IRLP repeaters, or both placed on the map. By clicking on one of the map pins, you get Frequency and PL to connect to the repeater (Apple maps require a live Internet connection)

Repeater list:
- Sorted by Distance from iOS device. Searching is supported in the list. Pull list to update. Tap on a repeater for all it's detailed information.

Live Audio:
- Background enabled audio of the WIN System and some of your favorite HAM radio sources.

- Downloadable, off-line manuals for specific ham radio manuals.
- Downloadable, off-line static web pages.

- Version information, repeater, audio sources, and manual update information, event log (pull to update).

- Allow various settings to be adjusted

The database attempts to update at start up, but can be updated manually using pull to refresh (on the list pages).

To add/change repeater information, events, audio sources, radio manuals, and static web sites, just file a request in the help desk system at (Link to the help desk is available on this tab).

If you are interested in having this app customized for your HAM radio club, let me know via the help desk on the About page.

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