WINSystemInfo iOS app v.1.2 is now available

Link: Apple Store

Cost: Free!

Changes since v1.1

  • Added IRLP repeaters are updated every Sunday
  • Added IRLP repeaters - Turn on in Settings
  • Added settings to control push alerts on specific rss feeds
  • Added push alerts for some rss feeds. Wsi does not save them anywhere
  • Added notes when creating calendar events
  • Added URL when creating calendar events
  • Fixed Thumb index from getting past index 27
  • Fixed where an entry was deleted from server, it was not being deleted in coredata
  • Updated database to verion 1.2 to support IRLP repeaters
  • Updated database location - now using production server
  • Updated to Urban Airship library verison 1.2.2.a
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